Alpine Cars FULL CG
Client: Alpine Cars Agency: 4uatre Art Director: Jonathan Bunio FULL CGI: Additive
Lego Rebuild The World
Client: lego, Art Director: Leah Juaymah Mababangloob, Photographer: Anders Hald, CGI: Additive,
Alpine F1
Client: Alpine Art Director: Jonathan Bunio Product iconography: Benoit Chimenes Multipart comp including CGI: Additive Stock photography: Factory35, Maground, shutterstock
Megane E-Tech
Client: Renault Art Director: Emilie Gruson Backplate Photographer: Benoit Chimenes CGI & Retouching: Additive Production Company: Cream
Porsche Cayenne
CGI & Backplate Photography: Additive Location: London
Megane Evision
Client: Renault Agency: Publicis Art Director: Jonathan Bunio Product iconography: Benoit Chimenes Backplate Photographer: CG Watkins CGI & Retouching: Additive
Costa Coffee
Client: Costa Coffee Agency: BBH Creative Director: Kevin Stark
2019 Renault Zoe
Client: Renault Agency: Publicis CGI: Additive Art Directors: Nicolas.Lebrun Product iconography: Benoit Chimenes
Client: Cuprinol Agency: Langland USA Art Director: Rosie Mossey
Renault Megane RS Trophy
Client: Renault, Photographer/ Product iconography: Benoit Chimenes, CGI: Additive
Personal Project CGI: Additive
2019 Alpine A110s
Client: Alpine Photographer/ Product iconography: Benoit Chimenes, CGI: Additive
Cuprinol Garden Shades
Client: Cuprinol Agency: BBH Art Director: Richard Prentice Creative Director: Kevin Stark
Porsche 911 GT2 RS
Personal Project CGI: Additive
Personal Project CGI: Additive
2019 Renault Clio 5
Client: Renault Agency: Publicis Art Directors: Jonathan Bunio & Marin Ponsar Product iconography: Benoit Chimenes CGI: Additive Backplate Photographer: Anthony Bernier (Madrid & Berlin) Backplate/Talent Photographer: Uli Heckmann (Newyork)
Renault Trezor
Client: Renault CGI: Additive
Dacia Duster
Client: Renault Art Director: Julie Bokhobza Photographer/ Product iconography: Benoit Chimenes
Audi SQ5
Client: Audi Agency: Tonic Creative Director: Philip Ramage
Audi SQ5
Personal Project CGI: Additive
Film4 Summer Screener
Client: Film4 Creative: Kevin Price
Nissan X-Trail
Client: Nissan Agency: TBWA Paris Art Director: Darren Rosenberg
"Found" letters
Photographer: Andric CGI: Additive
Audi SQ5 Interior
Personal Project CGI: Additive
Knitted Weapons
Personal Project CGI: Additive
Infopresse Media Guide 2016 Cover
Client: Infopresse Agency: LaBase Art Director: Jean-Fran├žois LeBlanc Photographer: Andric
Film4 Summer Screen
Client: Film4 Creatives: Tim Fellowes and Aimi Awang
Kellogg's Story Book
Client: Kellogg's Agency: Leoburnett Art Director: Tim Mines
Client: Toshiba Agency: The Frame Works Creative Director: Simon Fairweather Photographer: Andric
Batman Neon
Personal Project CGI: Additive
Chesterfield Made by music
Client: Philip Morris Agency: Leoburnett Art Director: James Long
Avianca - Star Alliance
Client: Avianca Agency: Atomic London Art Director: Dave Tokley
Excel Naturally Sweet
Client: Wrigley Agency: BBDO Canada Art Director: Nolan Kennelly
Not all addresses are created equal
Client: Eurid Agency: Leoburnett Art Director: Ryan Dilley Photographer: George Logan
Client: Aeroplan Agency: Cossette Art Director: Louis-Hugo Marchand Photographer: Andric
Personal Project CGI: Additive
Langland - Water Balloons Augmented Reality
Client: Abbott Agency: Langland Art Director: Andrew Morley Photographer: Nick Meek
McDonalds Happy Readers
Client: McDonalds Agency: Leoburnett Art Director: Will Thacker Photographer: Nick Dolding
Tado Ando
Personal Project CGI: Additive
Porsche 550 - Extra angles
Personal Project CGI: Additive
GSK Incruse Ellipta
Client: GlaxoSmithKline Agency: McCann Health Art Director: Graeme Garden Photographer: Gary Salter
More Than Balloons
Client: More Than Agency: VCCPme Art Director: Rosie Boon
Star Alliance Hubs
Client: Star Alliance Agency: Atomic London Art Director: Dave Tokley
Post Cereal - Grape Nuts
Client: Post Cereal Grape nuts Agency: Grey Canada Photographer: Michael Crichton
MTV - Skater
Client: SFR and MTV Agency: Buzzman
Personal Project CGI: Additive
Bumble Bee
Personal Project CGI: Additive
Personal Project CGI: Additive
Porsche 550 Spyder
Personal Project CGI: Additive
Influvac Bubbles
Client: Abbott Agency: Langland Photographer: Nick Meek Art director: Andy Barnard
125 Magazine - Olympia 2048
Client: 125 Magazine Photographer: Peer Lindgreen Retouch: One White Chair
Nokia Asha 305
Client: Nokia Agency: Design Studio
Nokia Pureview 808
Client: Nokia Agency: Design Studio
Smart Rock
Client: Smart Car Agency: Weapon7 Art Director: Ian Patrick
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